Thursday, 15 December 2016

Fascism 101

.... So what is it when the corporations simply become government, like Trunp appointing the head of Exxon mobile?

And it's not as if the UK is any different, they are always following the flawed ways of the yanks!
They are the same...with their constant word vomit!!!

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The Greatest Blunders

History will say how this was an obvious sign that the west is in decline. The rise of the Right shouldn't be a surprise, that is if you were paying attention. But the sad thing was that many people weren't, and that is why it is such a shock to people.

People have been angry and frustrated long before the Financial Crisis of 08, it's just this is when the Politicians of the world woke up to the reality that something has gone seriously wrong when it started to hurt their pockets. But then after the initial shock, they headed back to their slumber, while the people were left struggling. But they ignored everyone else while rewarding the crooks that screwed and are continuing to screw the public. This has left a serious amount of distrust and anger towards traditional politic, hence the rise of opinions rather than facts and emotion over common sense.

In the UK the vote to leave the EU just showed how in times of austerity and cost cutting that the UK government has imposed, the people are more inclined to blame outside forces rather than looking within their borders. People were more inclined to believe the outrages claims made by the Campaigns on both sides, without taking some time to do some research on an issue that will have some very serious consequences for all of us in the long term. To say that all the people that voted to leave the EU are stupid is just unfair and false. The people were simply misinformed and taken in by the showmanship and trickery used by the politicians. And this is because we don't have a impartial news media in this country, they are all biased to one side or another depending on where the funding comes from.
The media here and in the US didn't do their job and really push on the issues, they emphasized the person flaws and character rather then providing the public with any substantial analysis. This was more prominent in the Us election, where it was 100% about personality.

But everyone is to blame; the politicians, the media and us,the public. The public demanded showmanship over quality, and the media decided to show this on a loop because it gets the most ratings. And in the end that is what it's about- ratings rather than informing the public and to hell with the consequences and long term bitterness and hatred you are cultivating.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Monday, 4 July 2016

Post EU depression

It has become increasingly obvious that the people didn't know what they were voting for on June 23rd. What has become glaringly obvious is how racist, intolerant and " intellectually challenged" the people are. The fact that one of the most Googled questions after the vote was" what is the EU?" should tell you that, this is the kind of question you ask BEFORE voting to leave the EU.

The people are not all to blame, the media and the actual politicians themselves would often just lie and present false claims as facts, and the people would believe this... yeah, because everything on tv was the gospel truth, give me a break! Many big news organisations had to slash their budget during the credit crunch and this means less fact checkers. so the News especially the mainstream media is more about speculation and opinions rather than presenting verified facts.

And more importantly it's about getting the viewership numbers to rise. And they've learned that what the people want to see is a lot of sensational claims made by a bunch of buffoons! The buffoons tapped into the public's distrust of " the other" and used in order to gain support to leave. The would plaster the News about how migrants are a burden on society and how they want to hurt you, this is  a lie but the people are more inclined to blame someone else for their problem than look in a mirror!

Nationalism was also at work, this idea that we have to take our country back, back from who?? People are under the false assumption that " Britishness" even exists. I'm going have to burst you're bubble... but it doesn't. Nothing in this country is made in the UK, everything from our water, trains airports are all foreign made, even the Royal Mail has been sold off to a German corporation. So if people want the foreigners out, guess what?? their wealth will also go and this country will be left poorer.

Immigration has been a hot topic issue and one could say that it swung the outcome of the referendum. I don't know if you're aware of this but many people don't actually think this country is that great, especially with the growing hate crime and general intolerance- it's not exactly welcoming!
The Government has said that they might introduce a point style immigration system like Australia, that's really welcoming isn't it! ( I'm being sarcastic) And why do we want to follow the Aussies, a country where they are shipping refugees to detention facilities on the island of Naru and are suffering " torture" like treatment.

The fact that many people who voted to leave would now vote remain tells you that this wasn't democracy in action, this was pure propaganda and the people voted under false pretenses and should be given the opportunity to vote again given what they now know to be the truth about how much the people benefit from being in the EU.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Azzurri 2016

I have said before that it is only a game and I still believe that, but what is remembered from the game can cause me great annoyance. The " sports commentators" can be rather aggravating, they show Italy no respect and they revert to the same old line of how Italians just like to defend.

It's as if after every tournament they have to listen to the same old cliches, have they forgotten about Euro 2012 where they played some beautiful ATTACKING FOOTBALL.

They had shown during the tournament that they could play both styles but yet everyone else will be saying the same old stuff about them. They had gone toe to toe with the current World Champion Germany and pushed them all the way to penalties.

Antonio Conte perhaps should've made some changes earlier in the game, but that's to do with coaching and not to diminish the fact that they were forced due to injuries and suspension to do without most of their creative players like, Claudio Marchisio, Riccardo Montilivo, Marco Verratti,Thiago Motta and De Rossi, but people will neglect those little details and just focus on the score- line.

There is no shame losing to Germany by penalties, I just feel sorry for some of the older player, this was probably their last chance. However I am extremely proud by the way they played with determination, team spirit and humility, they showed great class- which some other nations sorely lack!

I can't wait till next time FORZA AZZURRI.