Saturday, 18 February 2017

Our Humanity?

After observing the behaviour of certain people it has become glaringly obvious- being a sociopath has become socially acceptable, This is a frightening truth that has started with the people at the top. I will list a few personality traits and let's see who they remind you of.

1, Deceitfulness- repeated lying and conning others for profit

2, Incapacity to feel guilt or even to acknowledge that you are wrong

3.  Having absolutely no concern for the feelings of others

4, Failure to conform to social norm in respect to lawful behaviour.

Certain " people" will have all of these traits. and many are in Government! If this becomes acceptable to the people at the top. then it will " trickle down" to the general public. In the end we will have an uncaring and rather cold society where no one cares about anything else but the bottom line, Is this what we really want?  This kind of individualism will leave an awful lot of people behind and bring contempt and hated into your hearts and push out and sense of decency or compassion which is what makes us human.  

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Starving Society?

The NHS is this country is under assault from the mass hysteria of the media and a misinformed public. Many papers have their front pages splashed with headlines declaring that the NHS is broken, but is it really? And by whom? They will then go on and on about how migrants and foreigners are a burden on the institution, but are they really to blame? All the papers neglect to remind us that the Tories have spent decades de-funding the NHS and have actually caused this "crisis".

People will say that there are more people and less doctors, which is true. But populations will grow regardless of immigration, and the government is meant to plan for this. What we have got instead of  competent people in charge, we have got a bunch of buffoons miss-allocating funds, Maybe instead of funding Trident ( that doesn't work properly!) we give some much needed money to the NHS.

Some hospitals are being used as care homes instead and patients that are ready to be discharged have to prolong their stay because  there is nowhere else for them to go, and instead of kicking them out ( like some countries) our NHS is still about helping people get better....but will it be like that for long?

People have taken it for granted believing it will always be there, but if you take a closer look you'll see, the tories have already chipped away at it by using their latest tool: austerity and by distracting the public by using their fear of the "other".

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Bursting the bubble

The job of a journalist is to inform people of what their Government is doing, after all the Government is meant to be working for the betterment of society, which is all the people, And not only that, but people from outside of your country will judge you, the citizen on what your Government is doing. and if this is a " democracy" then the Government are doing what the people want.

Suffice to say, the news media plays an integral role in society. Whether people what to admit it or not, they are influenced/ manipulated by the media. That is why the journalist should be allowed to do their job without interference from an outside force. Also it is the job of the press to hold the people in power to account and to ask difficult questions and to push back when politicians out right lie.

Now in Trumps America, any news organisation that tries to do their job is "fake news". He wants the media just to sit back and tell him how great he is. And anyone that tries to ask him a proper question, he will just refuse to answer the question and just ban them from press conferences altogether.

It's not just across the pond but here as well. If anyone is paying attention to Theresa, she never actually answers the difficult and important questions. When she come across a question she doesn't particularly likes, she just re phrases the question in a form of an answer- just like in America!

This is a dangerous trend because how will the public ever truly know what the Government is doing in their name. And the people will lose out the most because they will only be told what the Government wants them to know and they will be oblivious to what they are actually doing. This is also how the "powers that be" can manipulate the masses into voting for things that will only benefit the rich while screwing the general public.

The news media is meant to be a tool to get to the truth, not a shovel to cover it up.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

A closed West?

We are overly smug here in the West, we think we have Democracy and we are so civil compared to the rest of the world, but are we really??

Steps of a Closing Society

1. Invoke an internal and external threat- Muslims, migrants, take your pick!

2. Secret prisons where torture takes place.

3. Develop Paramilitary Force- Have you seen the Police at a peaceful march??

4. Surveil ordinary citizens- The Snoopers Charter, anyone?!

5. Infiltrate citizens group

6. Detain and release ordinary citizens

7. Target key individuals

8. Restrict the press- Which is done by giving them no information or talking about nothing like TM

9. Recast criticism as espionage and dissent as treason

10. Subvert the rule of law- Or just leave and make up new ones that benefit you and screw the people.

Are we really that progressive?

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

A progressive west?

Education is the heart of a healthy society, if you have well educated people they are more likely to make reasonable decisions, which will impact society in one way or another. Education should not be thought as something only the elite should have, it should be for the whole population. It has been getting a negative reputation of late, people view it as a form of snobbery or elitism- it shouldn't be this way!

Education is a tool to help you be more critical about what you read or hear about in daily life and to come up to your own conclusions. A prime example where people perhaps should have been more critical, the EU Referendum. People should have some knowledge of what the European Union did for us before voting to leave, now because of that decision, all of us will pay the price of job insecurity, less worker's rights, less health protection especially on food. less environmental protection and we will probably welcome more rights violations and less privacy. All of this will happen because the people didn't inform themselves and believed everything the politician were spewing out without bothering to fact-check. The Campaigners were then called on their promises afterwards and it was the told to us that it was pure BS, by this point the damage had already been done. It has become evident that the news media are not going to do their job, so it  up to us to WAKE UP.

To say that everyone who voted to leave were racist or dumb is simply unfair,  they were simply misinformed and trusted that the news media was going to do their job. which is to report the news in a fair and balanced way.

The culture here has always been to follow what the States are doing, I don't know about you, but that type of thinking sends chills down my spine! They just elected a " snakeoil salesman" to be the commander in chief. This is a businessman that has had bankruptsies in the past and other shams such as Trump University and is incredibly thin skinned that he can't take any criticism and has thus declared war on any news organisation that doesn't bow at his feet. This is an authoritarian if ever there was one, and isn't he meant to be leader of the "free world"?  I guess free means something else now because it's starting to feel rather cold and heartless if anyone bothered to pay any attention to what he actually said at his rallies. Everyone was more caught up in the show, they didn't pay attention to the dangerous rhetoric he was spewing.
He has no political experience, and some how the people think this is a good thing??  Why would anyone want a person like that in charge? I mean I wouldn't choose my doctor that way, I would expect him to know what he is doing because the consequences of him not knowing could be fatal. The same should go for people in Government, after all the policy decisions they make will effect your lives, so when people come out and say how they are excited by his lack of understanding and knowledge of the political ins and outs, this should be very frightening for the people and should not be applauded.

This " war on intelligence" has been growing in the States for a long time, and everything they do we have to copy. Just look at Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, they have gotten into their position's because the people identify a feel comforted by their idiotic behaviour. The people wrongly believe that they are just like us, when they are both toffs and come from money. But the people here are do easily manipulated and can't see that they are working against the public interest.

The people should understand that education is no just for the elites, education is the way in which you, the people can see through all these lies and manipulations a discover the truths that they don't want you to know and finally make this world a better place for us all to live in together. By viewing education as a fault we have regressed as a society and are poorer because of this- not because of the immigrants!