Sunday, 27 August 2017

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The real threat to HUMANITY

Some people still refuse to admit that climate change is here, instead they go on a tangent about how the weather has always been unpredictable. That may be true but they have to understand the distinction between weather and climate. Weather is the day to day occurrence where as climate is the average occurrence. For example the average temperature, rainfall, storms etc, and we can all see they have increased over the last decade and even though it may not be directly effecting some people others are finding it hard to cope with.

Low lying countries like Bangladesh and European cities like Venice may soon disappear under the rising seas. Over the past few years there have been earthquakes in Rome and flooding in Florence and even in Turin. So you see people. it is not just the poor Asian countries that are being affected. Even the US, which is currently dealing with Hurricane Harvey. The more the ocean warn the stronger and more devastating these storms will be, and eventually even you ( the affluent West) wont be able to deal with it.

The general public are so concerned with issues such as migrants and terrorism because they are always plastered on newspapers and are on our screens 24/7- where is the coverage for the one issue that effects everything??!

The Governments of the world need to act quickly if we are to avoid catastrophe!

Friday, 28 July 2017

The war on intelligence

Has anyone actually stopped and asked themselves, " how did we get here?". Well I can tell you one thing, it didn't happen overnight, the lowering of the bar has been going on for years through many types of media, but it happened so easily because people stopped paying attention.

People are treating facts like they're optional and we don't have to listen to proof before shooting our mouths off. People believe that opinions matter more than statistics and they dismiss stats because they're not as exciting as scandal and wild accusations. The news media has succumb to this belief in a major way and that is not what they are meant to do. They are there to report the FACTS not just give us their opinions they are also there to ask the hard questions and not cower to authority or pander to public opinion.

The print media in this country is so blatantly right wing it's outrageous.But the saddest thing is that people actually believe it and some people ( mostly brown) end up getting hurt because of it.  Like I said before, people have placed little value on getting the facts and just act on the sensational headlines and it all starts at the top, people see politicians and people in authority acting this way and they believe it's okay.

All you have to do is look across the pond at Mr Trump, he treats facts as an inconvenience and has continually attacked any news media that is critical of what he is doing as " fake new" therefore legitimizing the press. And if people can't trust the news to tell them what going on, who do they look to? Lord Trump that's who. A person who has been known to play fast and loose with the facts. It's not just in the States it's right here, people just have to learn to open their eyes and ears. Just take the PM, she just vomits out a few slogans and the people stop asking questions and just carry on with their "lives". She can say a hour long speech without actually saying anything and the press are not doing enough to push her on the details.

If you watch more than 1 news channel you can get to the truth, but the sad thing is people don't, they insist on only listening to news that goes with their particular world view. If this is left to go on, you start to get a very ignorant and hostile population- which is creeping into our society and it is deeply depressing to have people so opposed to learning something different.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Our Humanity?

After observing the behaviour of certain people it has become glaringly obvious- being a sociopath has become socially acceptable, This is a frightening truth that has started with the people at the top. I will list a few personality traits and let's see who they remind you of.

1, Deceitfulness- repeated lying and conning others for profit

2, Incapacity to feel guilt or even to acknowledge that you are wrong

3.  Having absolutely no concern for the feelings of others

4, Failure to conform to social norm in respect to lawful behaviour.

Certain " people" will have all of these traits. and many are in Government! If this becomes acceptable to the people at the top. then it will " trickle down" to the general public. In the end we will have an uncaring and rather cold society where no one cares about anything else but the bottom line, Is this what we really want?  This kind of individualism will leave an awful lot of people behind and bring contempt and hated into your hearts and push out and sense of decency or compassion which is what makes us human.  

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Starving Society?

The NHS is this country is under assault from the mass hysteria of the media and a misinformed public. Many papers have their front pages splashed with headlines declaring that the NHS is broken, but is it really? And by whom? They will then go on and on about how migrants and foreigners are a burden on the institution, but are they really to blame? All the papers neglect to remind us that the Tories have spent decades de-funding the NHS and have actually caused this "crisis".

People will say that there are more people and less doctors, which is true. But populations will grow regardless of immigration, and the government is meant to plan for this. What we have got instead of  competent people in charge, we have got a bunch of buffoons miss-allocating funds, Maybe instead of funding Trident ( that doesn't work properly!) we give some much needed money to the NHS.

Some hospitals are being used as care homes instead and patients that are ready to be discharged have to prolong their stay because  there is nowhere else for them to go, and instead of kicking them out ( like some countries) our NHS is still about helping people get better....but will it be like that for long?

People have taken it for granted believing it will always be there, but if you take a closer look you'll see, the tories have already chipped away at it by using their latest tool: austerity and by distracting the public by using their fear of the "other".