Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Warm weather.. not such a good thing

Storms are a lot more powerful because of the warming of the worlds oceans.
Sea level is on the rise because of melting sea ice.

We're in the Endgame now...

 I'm sorry to disappoint you all but this is not about the Avengers movie, it is actually about something much more serious and urgent..CLIMATE CHANGE. I have written about this subject so many times I may end up repeating some things, but just because you've heard them before doesn't mean you should dismiss it.. it's actually the opposite it's all that more urgent!

It baffles me that in this country ( the UK) there are still some people who question that it is here and that we have to do something, people are actually still debating it?!!! And this is largely due to the fact that the right wing media rules this country.

 People are guilty of not understanding what climate change is, they often confuse it with the daily weather. The weather is how it is day to day climate on the other hand is the average temperature the average rainfall and storms etc, and anyone who is paying any attention knows that what was considered extreme weather has started to become the norm.

The other argument people usually spit out is that the climate has always gone though changes and even if that's true, the speed at which it is shifting is not giving us and the creatures and plants of the world enough time to adapt. Just look at the storms that have ravaged Puerto Rico and basically destroyed the Bahamas, If the politicians don't care about the human life that is being lost just think about the financial damage, the sheer cost of rebuilding the infrastructure is ASTRONOMICAL.

In the UK and across much of Europe we have had the hottest summer on record and there are still some idiots out here who think getting warmer weather is a good thing it's not! People actually died because of the heat and not just people but food crops,  But the media in this country won't report on those facts or if they do it will be full of so called "counter points" to create confusion.

The people have to educate themselves and demand more from the so called leaders. All this out rage about plastic straws ( which is an issue) but let's not forget how this country has adopted Fracking from the US, which is highly dangerous and devastating to the environment and the little fact that the government has decided to build another runway at Heathrow. This country is so far behind in the environmental movement and it comes down to sheer ignorance, People are more concerned with show like The Great British Bake Off and The Kardashians than what will affect their children and grandchildren.

People have to act before it turn into run away climate change. We all need to be like Greta!

Friday, 23 August 2019

Healthy ...... but alone??

Ataxia is a horrible disease that is only going to get worse, I ave accepted this but even though I can't stop it from getting worse I can slow down the progression with diet and exercise. This means eating clean organic food and cutting out the junk like sweets, chocolates,cakes etc. Which can make you a bit of an outcast when you have friends who love highly processed and sugary food.

My body is not working well and the signals from my brain to the rest of the body don't always make it, so you see I have to be extra careful about what I put into my body as it's going have some kind of effect on how my body functions.

I also don't eat mean which is an alien concept to these people!! I haven't eaten meat for about 16 years, the main reason behind it is that nearly all the people I know eat meat and most of them have some form of heart disease, so I kind of put two and two together and decided I didn't want that. Plus I didn't need more problems on top of the ones I already have!!

The other issue is that the meat industry is a major pollutant and a huge contributer to climate change.  From the methane the animals belch to the huge swathes of land that is destroyed, I just didn't want to contribute to this inhumane and barbaric conditions these animal are kept, it is a form of genocide and I can't believe there isn't more of an outcry from the public.

Anyway, because I don't want t seem " preachy" I don'r really discuss it. My friends on the other hand can't go a second without mentioning how strange it is that I don't eat meat and to tell you the truth... it's getting rather irritating

People tend to forget about the health benefits of have a cleaner and healthier diet, you have more energy, you skin and hair look and feel different and you can shed some Lbs. Food primary function is to five you energy and to fuel your day, now if the food you're eating means you are hungry a hour later then it is obviously not ding the job and hence people overeat and start to gain weight.

You can exercise 24 hours a day but if you don't change what you eat it wont matter until you change what's on your plate. So for the sake of your health and the health of the planet... take care of yourself.

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Dybala to Tottenham

Now it seem as though Paulo might be heading to the London club. It come as bit of a surprise since he had rejected Man U earlier. It was believed that he had his mind set on PSG. I don't blame him for thinking about it especially after the way Juve have treated him.. they basically packed his bags!! But the fans will be disappointed at his decision to leave. He was a wonderful player that will be missed. Having said that I don't believe he will do well in the English League, La Joya is rather creative and has the skills but he has been known to get bullied rather easily and the Premier League is rather physical, he would need protecting!

Juventus have already accepted an offer of 75 million euros for the Argentine, now it is just up to him to agree personal terms. one of his terms is to the highest paid player getting paid £300,000 a week, that will be more that Captain Harry Kane. If this deal falls though like the deal with Manchester he could risk a rather cold relationship back in Turin as they were hoping to use the money to make a bid for Premiership player Romelu Lukaku. The transfer window in England ends tomorrow ( Thursday) so he better decide quickly!

Monday, 5 August 2019

Ataxia is such a lonely disease

I've had this disease for six years now, at the very start I could still walk unaided albeit a little shakey but I could still walk. People are always telling me to stay positive and how there are people out there who have it a lot worse. I am always thinking about that yet it doesn't mean that I can't be a little sad about my situation. When people say that to me what I hear is that I have no right to be sad and I should just stop whinging. These people have no idea how it feel to gradually lose control of your body and know that things will never get better. Just remembering that I could just go for a walk whenever I felt like it is the real punch in the gut, now if I want to go somewhere I have to make sure someone's free to take me, I can't go out for long because I'll get tired and i have to make sure someone is available to pick me up, so basically I have to plan any social outing around someone else's timetable. And that is why I hardly go out, that and... what can I really do??

Sometimes I even struggle to wake up in the mornings because in my dreams I can walk even run! And then I fall getting out of bed. Sometimes I really struggle, to stay motivated is a daily struggle that no one really knows.

There may be no cure for this but you can slow it down, staying active is one way and the way I do that is by exercising like mad. Mind you, you still fall and stumble even if you do exercise and it all seems rather pointless and at times I have almost given up, but then after I have a good cry I get up because when it does get worse I have no one who can really help me. No one in my house really understands what I'm going though and this is not a very sensitive household!

I don't have much to look forward to, my sister has been dangling the prospect of a holiday but she wont settle on when and she could just change her mind whenever, plus we don't really talk or have anything in common. I remember last time we went away and we barely said 10 words and most of it was about the weather! I am just so scared of what the future may hold for me. I feel my life just slipping me by, at 35 is it already over?