Saturday, 18 June 2016

The tragic murder of Jo Cox

This is the sad reality of a media that bombards us with things we should be afraid of and a failing education system and many people being discouraged from higher education due to the extortionate fees. People will take out there frustration and anger out in acts of violence.

What about these lot?

Where will they go?

Thursday, 16 June 2016

June 23

An important date for some and not so much for others. It is the date when we finally decide whether to stay a part of the EU or leave, what most people don't know is that we already just part timers, I mean we still have are own currency, so what is everybody whingy about?

Most of the people are so ignorant about the issue that it becomes deeply concerning that these people are going to decide whether we're in or out, and the politicians don't know much either... or they're just choosing to tell us half truths and the people are so distracted and crippled by fear that they blindly believe them.

All the focus is about controlling the flow of immigrants because they are the people taking our jobs and living in plush  new houses (!)  I pity anyone who really believe this, if the job goes to an immigrant instead of you it's because they are more willing to do it, and they are not given houses, they pay the extortionate rent and they are far from being plush!

The NHS will suffer as many of the wonderful people who work in it are Europeans, so what will happen to them? Also how about all the ex pats living in Europe will be returning here, and how will that help with the already crippled public sector?

The two parties are just focusing all their energy on promoting fear and putting out half truths because they know no one will  be bothered to do there own research because it might cut into the football time.

What people should keep in mind that the repercussions of leaving or staying wont be felt immediately but in the medium or long term, and the real sad thing is that people tend to only focus on the now and forget about later till it's too late.

I admit the EU is far from being perfect but if they are the one protecting worker's rights, human rights, our health by heavily regulating GMO's and the environment, there is more points for staying in than going on alone and becoming like the States. Yeah they have " freedom" . the freedom to work like slave, to live in poverty, to die on the street, to be poisoned by the water and to never go to college, wonderful isn't it? Many of the toffs here would prefer that so stop complaining about Brussels making out law, would you rather these toffs make them and answer to no one?

They claim that by leaving they will get their sovereignty back, if they were so concerned about that then why are they pushing for TTIP that will give control to the corporation who care about profit and nothing else?!

Friday, 10 June 2016

Could it be you?

I've just heard the most hilarious news... English fans have already been involved in a couple of " confrontations" and have been tear gassed by the local police.

It's simple arrogance, they go to another country and bring over their drunken, yobbish behaviour. The English FA has to really clamp down on this behaviour it's really embarrassing. But it does shed a light on the English mindset, they believe they are better than everyone else, but they have nothing to back it up.

For people who claim to be  more civilized they aren't really showing that to the rest of Europe. I'm sure Europe will be glad to get rid of us.

It's not a football thing as the all Spanish Champions League final in Milan went on without any major incidents and even the presenters were shocked at how relaxed the atmosphere was before the game and Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid are city rivals.

France have had some really serious on going issues, they don't have time or the resources to deal with some rowdy English fans. The other countries in this tournament have had no major issues.. because they understand that this should be a festival of sport and not of delinquents.

I've come to conclusion that it's just an English thing, but if they got in a fight you just know the media and everyone else will do their best to claim that the " white guy" is the victim. But I still have to wonder why the feel a need to "taint" a wonderful spectacle- are they just jealous that France is prettier and feel they have to ruin it by pissing all over the streets like naughty toddlers?
Another thing that just goes to show the English have no class, the fans booed the Russian anthem, now what was the point in that?

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Making mediocre normal

There is no denying that there will always be poor people in the world but what isn't acceptable is how the people at the top of society are convincing everyone that it is normal and how it has always been that way.. because it's not! The reason why things have gotten so bad is because we have let it. We have given in to the lies and myths told by the media and the politicians and have chosen to look the other way.

Now because we have spent so long distracted we have only begun to notice how bad things have gotten, now that it is almost to late. Just take a look at our education system, worker's rights, our freedom to assemble and protest about the injustice of EVERYTHING and last but not least, our NHS. Do you really believe that it has gotten this way because of immigrants or is it because of decades of under-funding because the Government is more interested in bailing out the City of London than investing something that everyone relies on?

Also just take a look at the state of the tuition fees, they are just designed to discourage you from even contemplating going to university because of the massive amounts of debt that you will incur. There are more and more stories of girls selling themselves in order to pay for their studies, is this really the kind of world you want your kids to inherit? There is also no good reason to this increase, it's not as if you get a higher quality education it's all mediocre and we're just supposed to accept it.

And  the Tories solution is to sell everything off and to give greater control to the private sector. They are solely concerned with making a profit to pay their shareholders, do you really think they give a toss about the common good, that is why we need a strong welfare system that is designed to help the most vulnerable. Yet the toffs out their will convince you that it is a burden when in actual fact it is vital for a functioning society.

Don't believe everything the Right- Wing media is selling you, or pretty soon we will become a bankrupt society in every sense of the word.