Sunday, 31 August 2014

Below Par Britain

I still cannot understand what makes this country “Great”, what made it a decent place to live was how it still had some decent social programe and a free and accessible healthcare, that is all starting to evaporate because this country has a dredged fascination with all things American, and America is all about the individual and screwing everyone else to get to the top.. but the top of what??

It makes me incredible sad when I see how life is like across the pond and how we are going in a similar direction, we should be looking towards the Scandinavian countries like; Sweden, Denmark and Norway, instead we are trying to imitate a country that has failed the population on a grand scale…. But of course, the politicians are not looking at the average people but they are looking at the corporations and the millionaires they completely overlook the extreme poverty, malnutrition,  the large number of homeless people, the fact that most of the population have a shorter than average life expectancy, all these toffs are just trying to figure out: how the American Government screws the population  and gets away with all their wealth in turn becoming multi millionaires themselves. To my knowledge this is not the purpose of a Government.

Big corporations are all about the money and the government is supposed to protect the population from their exploitative techniques not trying to get a share of the loot! To the best of my knowledge this is Fascism and didn’t we fight 2 World Wars against this very thing?! But the more I look at what’s going on around the world, the more I think that all we did was lull it to sleep- all you have to do is look around and see that it has returned under different names. The spy scandal should have been a huge kick in the face, this just goes to show that we’re not free, because just knowing that everything you do or saying is being recorded and could be used against you at a later date is enough to alter the way you would normally behave. Essentially they have taken away your freedom to be yourself- how are you free again??

There is a huge inequality in wealth and the middle class has been obliterated!  People who don’t pay any attention will think that it happened overnight, but it didn’t, this is the result of 30 years of excess and cheap credit. Not many people know this and the “ powers that be” refuse to acknowledge this but if the profits from the North Sea Oil were used for the people like the Scandinavian countries did, instead of just making the rich richer and not having a care for anyone else, we probably wouldn’t be in this mess.

This government doesn’t think like that do they?? They don’t believe in improving the infrastructure, education or healthcare.. no, in such a genius move they have decided to cut funding in everything that might actually help the public, instead they have rewarded fraud and the biggest form of financial rape buy all these corporations by adapting the rules so that they can continue and the powers that be will get their cut while the rest of us are living in shoe boxes struggling to fee ourselves!!  The saddest thing about this is that they have the people in a sort of brainwashed state and actually have the public fighting against their own interests. The bankers have become like the new Aristocracy, you will get fined for talking back to them!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Masters of self destruction?

The arrogance shown by mankind

Humanity believes wholeheartedly that everything on this planet is ours simply because of our so called intellect, yet we are knowingly driving our species into extinction by overpopulating the planet and by consuming all the Earth’s natural resources. We are making this little blue planet uninhabitable by making the earth, sea and air toxic and unlivable. Humanity has to realise that we do not own the Earth, we are mere custodians and we’re doing a shitty job!

We have driven so many other species into extinction because of our greed, we either kill all the animals directly or we destroy their habitats, either way they are the ones that suffer because of us. This planet has to be thought of as a living organism and it is alive because everything is in perfect balance, we have effectively destroyed that balance and are continuing to frack it up by destroying all the natural beauties and replacing them with malls, parking lots, housing- basically we are consuming the world to death.

Climate Change is a big warning sign from Mother Nature that something is horribly out of balance and it continues to baffle me that there are some very strong people out there that still refuse to believe that it’s happening and that it is our fault. Nations like thus, UK and Australia are the main culprits, and what do they all have in common?? They’re Anglo- Saxon countries that are all victim of Rupert Murdoch media.

Western societies are so obsessed with being combative with everything, just a few examples will illustrate what I mean: " war on terror", "war on drugs", " war on hunger", " war on poverty"- How about instead of declaring war on everything we try to change. This rhetoric comes from the media and the politicians who work hand in hand to create a climate of constant fear and anxiety.

People are all “gun ho” about culling certain animals when they become a nuisance to humanity, what about when people are the nuisance. Now I’m not condoning violence of any kind, all I’m saying is that we should take a good hard look at what our population is doing to the World, at least animals are smart enough not to exhaust their food source and I don’t believe animals are the root cause for all the pollution in the air and water.

What kind of World are we leaving future generations? A World were kids won’t know what a forest used to look like or how it was to breathe real oxygen? Science may come up with some new gadget to replace nature, but how much will it cost? Would it be cost effective to just preserve nature instead of wasting all this money on trying to replicate what nature does for free?

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Third world.

When a westerner thinks of the word “terrorism” what image will pop into their heads 9 out of 10 times?! It will be of a brown person probably with a beard, this is in large part to media and the government sensationalising and distorting or manipulating facts. They do this to try and keep  the public afraid, because they know when the public are afraid- they can get away with anything!

It is human nature for people to be unsure about anything different to them, but do we really want a world where everything is the same? The differences in people is what makes them interesting and should be feared but should be embraced and celebrated. But what the media and the government are doing is far more dangerous, they are playing to people’s fears and X10. They are in essence creating an atmosphere of hostility and violence which is simple irresponsible- it’s as if they don’t even care about the public.

Well it’s becoming clear how little they regard the public when they decide to bail out the banksters and not only kick us out of our homes but gut the NHS, make sure people who are on benefits such as jobseekers and disability get criminalized, and they don’t even stop with us they’re going after future generation by making it inconceivable to get higher education! 

The real terrorists are the banksters and our own government for this dehumanizing regime, and to prove how destructive they are…. They have essentially squashed any dissent by not giving any peaceful protest any airtime and only showing then violence that may be an isolated incident but because they make sure it gets all day coverage that is all you see. And the brave people who do protest get treated like criminals and their lives basically get torn apart.

Not to forget the whole spying scandal which just goes to show how this country has more in common with the third world than a functioning democracy. By creating a society where people are always struggling to pay bills and are living in constant fear of what’s going on outside while being spied on what you do inside via the google etc.  It is well known that even the idea that you might be under surveillance, no matter how remote is enough to restrict a person’s actions, and when this happens you can’t consider yourself to be a “free” person.

Now take this all in and come to terms with who’s really a threat to National Security?!