Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Our ignorance is their strength.

Everyone claims to be afraid and fighting against fascism but what they don’t realise is just how close the UK is to fascism. One core belief of fascism is productivity and profit over the interest of the people, and that is exactly what we have, the needs of corporations are given priority over the needs of the people, so in essence humanity has been removed.

The UK is constantly putting profits ahead of people, no one wants “ fracking” in their backyard, people have been out in droves protesting against it, yet it has been given the go ahead by the politicians to the queen! People were outraged about the NSA and GCHQ spying scandal yet that has seemed to have increased, and the way in which these agencies are getting all our details is by working with the corporations that handle our information on a daily basis like : Google, Facebook etc. To my knowledge the very definition of fascism is the collusion between Government and corporations.

The other way this society is becoming highly undemocratic is by limiting our access to (impartial) information and controlling our ability to voice our dissent. For example, the news media is a joke and the ones that are decent  either get airtime when nobody is watching or they just get their funding pulled and ultimately cancelled.

This government has declared a war on journalism by deciding to lump investigative journalism with terrorism. Some people may think things like this will never happen in this country- oh yeah, because we’re so civilised!!! But has anyone ever seen any of the mainstream media?? They are so obviously scared to be critical of anything because they fear what will happen to the company if they’re critical of the government- tell me, how is that any different from the government of North Korea?!
Don’t you people how significant this is? If the population isn’t well informed they tend to make bad choices or become a very manipulated and malleable public that will believe anything. What do we have instead of a decent news media, we have a bunch of useless distractions- that’s right, let’s all forget the fact that we live in a cardboard box and barely have enough money to live on but let’s all cheer for prince George and the rest of the parasites.

Having a free and open media is essential for a democracy but then again.. we’re not a democracy, especially when we lable investigation journalist-who are doing a great service for the public as terrorists.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Power to the people??

How people still believe this country is a democracy still baffles me! Thousand of people protested against the mass slaughter that is happening in Gaza but none of the mainstream news channels decided to show it, that is until it turns into a riot, then it will be on the news 24/7. And it's simple really, they want to discourage people from voicing their dissent and they want to make sure that people see protesting as a violent crime only.

How the hell is this a democracy when the people are being overlooked constantly? 

Monday, 14 July 2014

Eating yourself to death

This country is so oblivious to the real problem that they are willing to spend millions just to provide a band aid. The wonderful minds have started to push out fat reducing operation to try and help people with extreme cases of type 2 diabetes, isn’t that what they do across the pond??? Only over there because most of their citizens cannot afford healthcare they are just forced to suffer- what a civilized country! ( I’m being sarcastic)

Over here in the UK we have the NHS ( not for long though!)  And that means that the operation will be free and paid by the taxpayer, so it can mean that people will get fat on purpose just to have this surgery, now I’m not saying that people will do this, all I’m saying is that.. this choice is out there for some people.
Instead of taking note of people at the end, why don’t we try and understand how and why they got to that state. It’s all to do with the diet and what kind of food people have access to. Channel 4 recently did a documentary on the world’s best diet and England didn’t even make it into the top 10, they came in at a pathetic 34 while the top three consisted of Iceland, Italy and Greece all countries that the British snobbery regard as poor.

In the eyes of the British these countries might seen lazy because they dedicate more time to the meals and taking breaks from the drudgery of work, but in my eyes these countries have got their priorities right,  the types of food you put into your body is of the highest importance as they directly impact your health and your standard on life.

Another thing that must not be ignored is how people are actually afraid to tell people that they are putting on weight, now I am not saying we have to be rude and mean about it, but a few word wont hurt. A person doesn't get so fat that they need surgery overnight, it happens over time, people are just not paying attention.I know I'm putting on weight when I can't fit into my clothes with ease and I acknowledge that something is wrong and I adjust my eating habits. People have just accepted that it's normal and just buy new clothes! 

Unlike the States where they have the average person has the shortest life expectancy and a wide array of illnesses’. And why would this be the case for the ( supposed) richest country in the west? It’s rather simple actually, most of the food is no longer food, it is just processed bad quality food and genetically modified which basically it has probably been drowned in chemical and other poisons before consumption.
All you have to do is see how they “farm” their meat. The animals are put in what can only be described as a slave camp. They are enclosed in an area where they never get any exercise- because they can’t move, they are standing in their own waste, being forced to eat seeds instead on what they normally eat, which is grass and being pumped full of antibiotics and hormones so that the livestock puts on more weight.

Now what do you suppose happens to the animals? They get illness which mean we also get illnesses’. Factory farming is part of the problem, you can’t expect that to produce high quality meat when they never see the sun!! But this kind of meat is cheap and that is all people are looking for when it comes to the food they consume but they will pay over £200 to get the latest iphone!!!

Where is the logic??!! 

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Inferiority complex?

The mentality of a bully

You will come across bullies almost everywhere, from school life to work life but their power is often limited to a few people, when s bully has the power and authority to make a whole civilization live in fear.. that is when it starts to get dangerous and the results are tragic.

A bully will see themselves as infallible, they can never do anything wrong and when they do get called out, they will just  continues to believe that what they are doing is right even though there is compelling evidence to contradict this mindset. In essence a bully can be just simply a coward.

A bully will always see themselves as the victims and even when they have they clearly have more resources, more power and support they will continue to believe everyone is against them. And if the victim of the bully ever dares to fight back against this oppressive bully, the bully will act in horror and shock and will often retaliate with devastating force.

Now, what countries have this same mindset??? Who believes that their life is worth 150 of yours??? And who believe that in order to end terrorism you must invade and occupy and impose your way of thinking onto others countries? And which countries will try to silence the press in order to keep their illegal activities out of the public eye?