Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Manic Media!!

Has anyone noticed how the news media is always in a panic and frenzy, especially the mainstream news? I certainly have and that is exactly why I look to all different kinds of news, not just the channels that I agree with- but you see not everyone does this and this is why this kind of " reporting" can be dangerous to society, even more dangerous than any terror threat or disease can have.

The news media is very clever at distracting the public to real threats like the abuse of power by governments: mass surveillance, climate change and the fact that society is becoming increasingly into 2 major categories- the haves and have nots. They dedicate maybe the last minutes to issues of real importance and even when the do they try to trivialize and make it seem unimportant or they try and make really complicated issues simple by portraying one group of people as the "bad" guys and the others as good, but you see life just isn't that simple and our news media shouldn't pretend it is. Mainstream media are particularly guilty of playing on our fears and there's a very simple reason for this- people are more likely to agree to something they might regret at a later date if they think it might help them now, and politicians play to this and use our fears to stay in power.

Does anyone remember the horsemeat scandal and how everyone was just shrugging it off and not realizing that if they don't check to see if it's beef.... what  else are they neglecting to check? In many cultures they do eat horse but they KNOW they are eating horse and it's probably been checked for any kind of disease- can you be sure that Tesco or Iceland checked for these? It's not an accident that nearly all the reporting conveniently left this out!  The early 90's Show about a Canadian Mountie in Chicago called Due South dedicated a storyline to this exact issue and what it shows is corruption and collusion and ultimately the harm this can do to people

Sometime the mainstream news can do an adequate job when covering certain issue like the NSA scandal, but again the mainsteam media neglects to tell you salient parts of the story and they quickly try their best to dismiss any real concerns. They forget to tell you the dangers of this type of mass surveillance and they neglect to tell you that the UK is just as bad if not worse, and the try everything to destroy the credit of the person who brought this to light and make the story more about him and forgetting the fact that the government is breaking the law.

Leaving the worst reported issue but ultimately the most dangerous for last: CLIMATE CHANGE. The issue gets little coverage in the mainstream news despite the fact that it is the most pressing issue for humankind. People are so casual in the way the talk about it and many people still deny that it is a cause for concern despite the fact that people around the world are suffering from its effect which are: draughts, flooding, hurricanes and tornadoes- but unless it happens in your back yard no one cares! Early this year when the UK was the victim of flooding, there was a flurry of documentaries and news reports about the issue and then they dies down, I guess people were more interested in the Kardashians than the fate of the only home we got!

Planet Earth is a living organism that is only habitable by us because of a delicate balance of eco- systems. But people refuse to think of it like that instead they are continuing to pollute the Earth and are continuing to FRACK the Earth looking for energy. Humanity is only looking out for the short term gains they don't give a thought to all the negative effects they are having on this planet and other species- people are so selfish! People have forgotten about the disastrous oil spill in 2010 by BP or the devastating effects that the people of Japan are still facing but because the "news" have stopped reporting on it people have forgotten about it.

And that is why it is so important for the news media to remain the news media and not be so focused on being entertaining and remained focused on the facts, and the facts are that the world is in dire straights, from rampant inequality to the rise of the far right and the flagrant corruption in our societies Things are looking grim.. but they can be fixed but only when tou all acknowledge there's a problem in the first place and that will not happen unless the news media stops censoring information.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Speak your mind...

.... If you're of a brown complexion and/you just happen to be a Muslim, apparently it's a crime! What it is is institutionalized racism, you just have to turn on your TV- it's everywhere! It's in " popular TV show like " Homeland" which is just pure propaganda, but, you see you have to have a degree of intelligence to see this, and well must people have trouble separating fact from fiction. And the most disturbing part is that the government and the media are fostering this fear and speculation in the society, and it is completely irresponsible! Just look at the recent new, a medical student tweeted something that is fairly obvious if you watch the news but because he happened to be Muslim he was arrested as a terror suspect. Does anyone else feel a little concerned about where this is heading? What are they going to have next- The Thought Police?!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


..... Is vital for the development and survival of a society.

The selfish society...

….. Is it really something to aspire to? Does it make you a happier person? The answer to both these questions is “no”, yet countries like the US and UK have foster a climate based on what’s good for the individual since the days of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan and are either of these countries look like they are doing well? And I answer… NO! How is it even remotely good for an individual to think pure about themselves? How would a society even function? And is it a society that people what to be part of?

Yet the supposed civilized countries are trying to push this kind of thinking onto everyone. Are we really going to listen to these people that have put profit over a person’s health, education, their ability to get from one place to another and even the welfare system, a system that is supposed to help the most vulnerable people in the society? Do we really want to be a world where it is normal to let people die just because they can’t pay the bill?

 Neoliberalism has ruined the west, the financial crisis of 08 didn’t just happen overnight, it happened through the deregulation of corporations and banks and by squeezing the middle class dry by slowly and methodically taking away their ability to be heard. Trade Unions have lost their ability to make any kind of significant change that would benefit the working Joe, the workplace has become more about screwing each other over and making sure they mess up than helping each other, this is in no small part to the "people upstairs" that have made it so we believe that helping people is a sign of weakness.The powers that be have given big business more power to do whatever they have to do in order to get more profit, and if that means they have to sacrifice quality and YOUR be it! Neoliberalism is basically just another word for fascism.

I know people don’t want to hear it but it’s true, when your own government cares about the well- being of a multi- million pound company over it’s own citizens, when a government would rather have the people work to death than invest in their health and well- being.. well, that’s exactly where we are. These countries keep preaching that this is the only way- only way for them to make a shed load of cash maybe but not for us to live happy and fulfilled lives. The UK and US Governments are emblematic of the selfish society, why can’t we be more like the Danes that have been proven to be the happiest society- and why? Because they have a Social Democratic government.