Monday, 17 August 2015

This is....

..... What you're working towards, and it's closer than you think!

Thursday, 13 August 2015

A Democracy....

..... Really?! Than why does what the people want mean so little?
Than why does this Government ignore them when they say no. The people have said no to " fracking" and yet they are continuing with it, makes you think, whose inrest are they really working for..Ummmm

Common sense,, A thing of the PAST

Tony  Blair has come out to warn people against siding with Corbyn, this coming from a man who led us into a war under FALSE pretenses and the people are still paying heavily for it,  but he doesn't care, he's got a cozy job with Goldman and Sachs ( one of the banks that screwed us over and got away with it and have found creative way to continue screwing us!)  Why does anyone give thus man a platform to voice his lies as certainties- all we know for certain is that he is a war criminal.

What makes me laugh and feel a little sad is the language he uses. He has done the classic thing where he tries to discredit Corbyn by saying how he has no clear plan and that they were " laughable" and making clear link to Micheal Foot who lost in 1983. It is clear that everyone is doing their utmost to convince you what a mistake it would be to vote for Corbyn, because I forgot how successful this current Government is doing with their current policies of cutting everything that could help the people and giving it to the corporations.

Don't listen to this rhetoric of fear and impending doom, make up your own mind and really think about who is afraid and who is feeling doomed, because it's not the people if Corbyn gets his way!!
This media attack is similar to the one against Bernie Sanders in the US!

But does Corbyn have the courage to put the blame where it belongs... The City of London?

Sunday, 9 August 2015


... And why are all these people not immigrants, instead they are called ex-pats. Britain has the least migrants in all other EU countries, yet they moan the most. The public is being lied to and these lies can have dire consequences. The media has done its part in dehumanizing these people that are coming out of desperation by equating them with natural disasters such as a flood and calling them swarms. Maybe the West should sit down and ponder, why these people are fleeing their homes. The will never admit any accountability but will be the first to point their fingers at someone else.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The Voiceless Society

Some people are so infuriating it drives me mad. The mainstream media has been doing a great job at distorted the fact and not asking the real questions,TFL workers are on strike and all the " talking heads" can talk about is how this is hurting the economy. The average Joe is easily whipped up by this media drive frenzy, but they don't understand that this is the only way for employees to voice their concern and have some REAL effect on the working environment, but above all, people go on strike when they are suffering an incredible injustice and they do it at great risk of losing there job, there's nothing fun about it despite what Boris Johnson says.

Yet the focus has been to criminalize them and make them look like troublemakers. And if that doesn't work, they do what they can to turn the public against them by claiming that the striker make enough money, so what have they got to strike about? What they neglect to say to the public is that these "complainers" work incredibly long hours in an unsafe environment under miserable conditions. If working in the underground is so wonderful than why don't one of those tory toffs try doing it?!!

This is the only voice employees have left the Tory Government is doing everything it can to stump it out, once this happens this will give businesses free reign to abuse its workforce. And the first step in achieving this is to turn the people against their own interest, and the sad part is that it's working.

If I'm not mistaken, a Government is supposed to look out for the welfare of the people and not the multi- national corporations? However it does look an awful lot like this Government is doing what it can to take out voices away. Ummmm