Friday, 6 May 2016

Junior doctors

What people often forget and the media conveniently forgets to mention is that people only strike when every other avenue has been exhausted. A strike is not something you do lightly, for the duration of the strike you have no income and with the rising cost of living nowadays, that's a big thing. And not to forget all the patients that depend on you.. But let me tell you, if that ass hole Jeremy Hunt gets his way patients will be in even more danger.

Mr Hunt thinks that being in the medical field is like every other job, and you should be working around the clock with less time for yourself...these people are working 12 hour shifts where they take care of people and make sure they don;t die, it's not the same as working in the office or in retail, In an office you're sitting at a desk and lives don't depend on how fast you can type! In the NHS you have to be "on it" from the moment you start your shift to the moment it ends.

Nurses and Doctors need the "down time" to recuperate and the tory toffs want to deny them that! Do tou really want the doctor working on you to be sleep deprived?

People fail to grasp how important these people are to the well- being of society.The tories are trying to get away with privatizing the health system completely, because in most parts it is already. People just aren't paying attention, but all the forms you have to fill in, all the different departments with their different ways of doing things and all the agency staff that don't know how system work, it's all designed to slow the process down so all you hear is how bad the NHS is, people forget that decades of the Government slashing their budget have contributed to this. The government will then try to convince us that by bring multinational corporations in will fix it, but it will only make things worse because corporations only care about profit and to hell with patients health and well being!

The current Government wants private business to come in..why??? Because it's working so well across the pond where there are people dying in the streets because they can't afford health insurance! The Tory toffs live in a bubble and only care about the rich and don't give a damm about the rest of us. And it's not just the government demonizing the junior doctors for going on strike, the media is also doing its part in depicting the doctors as the villains of the piece.

But tell me really who's the bad guy? The people who are working to save your lives or the people who want to save the pennies?

Sunday, 29 November 2015

The real threat to national security..

... So why is it being ignored and replaced by the unfounded and irrational fear of refugees?
Why is making a profit a higher priority that protecting our home?

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Learn to recognise...

... The tools Governments and the media use to instill hate and mistrust that will leave a society of civilized people divided.