Thursday, 21 May 2015

Post Demo-Britain

It has most certainly arrived, when a society is as unequal as this one.. Democracy has been flung aside. The most insidious thing this " government" has done is to assign the blame to the most vulnerable people in the society, and the saddest thing is, it's working! Smart people I know have come to believe that it is acceptable to cut people's meager benefits while the financial mafia continues to screw us over. This has became the case with everyone, and it is hugely down to the way the mainstream media decides to focus on some things and not the other, and the reason for this distortion of the truth, is that big money has priority over everyone else's well being.

The tories have shown how they care more about the top 1% than the rest of us, what do think austerity is??? It is the relocation of wealth from the people to the big corporations. And anyone who speaks out against this blatant injustice will be bullied and even prosecuted. Cameron has even let slip that just following the law is not enough, just having sympathy or understanding towards any group that they don't support will be enough for them to put you on a "list" And don't forget that right after he was re- elected he has stared working on repelling the Human Rights and curbing the power to go on strike or even protest.

Democracy, what democracy??!!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Llorente to Arsenal, Vidal to Liverpool?

This post may seem a little out of character but it has to be said- the transfer merry go round has already started and it has me baffled. Firstly the season isn't over yet and it seems to be in bad taste to start poaching the players now, and secondly, Juve's success has primarily been because they are a fairly stable club, and what do you think will happen when you tinker too much?

I sort of understand why they might be thinking of letting Fernando go, he hasn't really set the league on fire with his goals, but there is more to his game that being a target man. He has forged a strong partnership with Tevez and is able to assist his team mates and he is always willing to track back and help the defense. He is hardworking and doesn't go off in a strop whenever he gets subbed.But he must appreciate that he currently does start many game but with Dybyla coming, that might change.

That is on the field, off the field I hear he is a leader to the younger players and a great personality in the dressing room. And when you have a dressing room full of talented youngsters, it is always a plus to have someone who can reel you in, of course we have Buffon who is THE symbol of Juventus but it is a plus to have someone who speaks Spanish for the young " whipper snapper" Morata. From a Purely financial standpoint " The Lion King" does have a hefty wage bill and we don't know whether he will accept a wage cut.

The rumours surround Arturo Vidal I'm having a harder time reconciling. I understand that he has not scored as many goals as last season but that is partly due to the fact that he had a major injury before the World Cup and still went to the summer competition. He is a major link in a wonderful midfield. He is strong and extremely skillful and he adds another dimension to your game.

All I'm saying is, think hard before you decide because the consequences may be hard to handle!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

A little thing to think about...

Why is David making it harder for the people to get their voices hear?? Could it be that he doesn't want to be slowed down by the complaints of the "little people", that's everyone! So how is the UK any different from countries like Saudi Arabia and North Korea??? NOTHING.

What we have become