Saturday, 13 September 2014

Sound familiar?!!!


Has anyone really taken the time to really think about where we are heading as a society, it doesn't take a genius to understand that profit is more important than the people, just try and remember what happened as soon as the banks were beginning to wobble.... the were given a Government handouts while we were forced to deal with a swathe of austerity measures.

What was basically done was a transfer of wealth to the top while the rest of us were getting kicked out of our homes and finding it increasingly hard to just survive! And the saddest part about this is that they have diverted the blame to the people, so while we fight among ourselves they are probably relaxing on a beach somewhere! How is this fair or how can this country call itself Great when they are turning it into the new third world.

Just take a look at who is getting their funding slashed... Teachers, The NHS, Social services and Welfare programs so basically anything that can help the people. Even the States are starting to move towards a more affordable healthcare for everyone, we are starting to morph into what they were like 10 years later!!

Public services should remain public and not be for profit. I see the healthcare in the States might be improving ( slowly) but I see their education system is just as frakked up! They have schools that sole objective is profit and that means that the quality of education goes down because it doesn't make any business sense to spend all that money on getting qualified teachers, they will instead use that money on marketing to trick more people to join! When you only care about the " bottom line" anything that may cause it to shrink like qualification or proper safety checks or quality control will go out the window, just take a look at a certain car company that was so cheap to fix the problem in the first place they killed 13 people.

The people should stand together and save our Public services from the clutches of corporate interest!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

It's for your own good...

.. A lot of people may think this but is it actually true? The States often say this they admit that they are an imperial power but they are a good  imperial power... newsflash even Darth Vader thought he was doing good!!! It's not just about what you say but what you do, just look at the way they treat everyone else- " give me everything or we'll invade you and take it anyway. These are the acts of bullies, and bullies with nuclear weapons is a dangerous thing.

Forget about how they treat the world just look at how they treat their own citizens. An absurd amount of people are homeless, there is a huge gap between the wealthy and the poor and the poor are often demonized and treated as an illness that needs to be eradicated. The politic of that country is that if you have huge amounts of wealth you can have anything, you can even be exempt from the rule of law. That is not a democracy, that is a plutocracy, and if the ordinary people dare to complain or protest the injustices they are ignore by everyone or met with a hyper militarized police force.

This is not a model you want to copy Mr Cameron!

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Below Par Britain

I still cannot understand what makes this country “Great”, what made it a decent place to live was how it still had some decent social programe and a free and accessible healthcare, that is all starting to evaporate because this country has a dredged fascination with all things American, and America is all about the individual and screwing everyone else to get to the top.. but the top of what??

It makes me incredible sad when I see how life is like across the pond and how we are going in a similar direction, we should be looking towards the Scandinavian countries like; Sweden, Denmark and Norway, instead we are trying to imitate a country that has failed the population on a grand scale…. But of course, the politicians are not looking at the average people but they are looking at the corporations and the millionaires they completely overlook the extreme poverty, malnutrition,  the large number of homeless people, the fact that most of the population have a shorter than average life expectancy, all these toffs are just trying to figure out: how the American Government screws the population  and gets away with all their wealth in turn becoming multi millionaires themselves. To my knowledge this is not the purpose of a Government.

Big corporations are all about the money and the government is supposed to protect the population from their exploitative techniques not trying to get a share of the loot! To the best of my knowledge this is Fascism and didn’t we fight 2 World Wars against this very thing?! But the more I look at what’s going on around the world, the more I think that all we did was lull it to sleep- all you have to do is look around and see that it has returned under different names. The spy scandal should have been a huge kick in the face, this just goes to show that we’re not free, because just knowing that everything you do or saying is being recorded and could be used against you at a later date is enough to alter the way you would normally behave. Essentially they have taken away your freedom to be yourself- how are you free again??

There is a huge inequality in wealth and the middle class has been obliterated!  People who don’t pay any attention will think that it happened overnight, but it didn’t, this is the result of 30 years of excess and cheap credit. Not many people know this and the “ powers that be” refuse to acknowledge this but if the profits from the North Sea Oil were used for the people like the Scandinavian countries did, instead of just making the rich richer and not having a care for anyone else, we probably wouldn’t be in this mess.

This government doesn’t think like that do they?? They don’t believe in improving the infrastructure, education or healthcare.. no, in such a genius move they have decided to cut funding in everything that might actually help the public, instead they have rewarded fraud and the biggest form of financial rape buy all these corporations by adapting the rules so that they can continue and the powers that be will get their cut while the rest of us are living in shoe boxes struggling to fee ourselves!!  The saddest thing about this is that they have the people in a sort of brainwashed state and actually have the public fighting against their own interests. The bankers have become like the new Aristocracy, you will get fined for talking back to them!