Friday, 19 December 2014

Sleep walking into disaster

The only way that anything can get better is if you take a hard look at the problem and admit that you have one, that is why nothing will improve here, because they don't admit that they have a problem and the people are to distracted and drunk to realise that the government has sold their future and has forced them into a life of servitude.

Any fool can see that we are heading into another financial crisis, the people in power are already preparing for it, mind you, they are doing nothing to help us only the very top 1%, now, it was my understanding that this was a  great democracy!  The ass holes only care about their next pay day and in order to do that they have to appease the banksters and the corporations how else are they going to get a job with them afterwards? Just take Tony Blair; he is an ambassador for JP Morgan- one of the major league scuzz balls that contributed to this mess!

Has anyone been charged, and by anyone I mean anyone of any significance. All they've done is changed the law a little so that it looks like the government is trying to help the people when in actual fact they are just making it more easier for the banksters to screw us over by de regulations. What they are doing is punishing the people by cutting public services like The NHS and basically privatising education by making it stupidly expensive, they have managed to do all this by calling it austerity  but what it really should be called is wealth re distribution, they are taking all the money from savers and handing it over to the speculator, the very shmucks that caused this mess, how is that logical?!

The government is punishing the people for wanting free healthcare, decent roads and public transport, for having some financial support when they need it in the form of benefits. They have essentially criminalized the poor and helpless and deified the shmucks in the city of London.
The government has already put things in motion to protect themselves by making  it a criminal act to protest, and don't forget they've brought in the water cannons!

The people will really feel it this time especially when the bankster just take money straight out of our saving accounts.

The main attributes of a democracy is the active participation of the people, how is this a democracy if the government is actively trying to shut down our participation?

Ponder that for a moment.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

What's in a name?

" If you call a rose by any other name, wouldn't it smell just as sweet?". Assigning a name to something gives it a particular meaning that can shape a debate, and something that is appalling is suddenly acceptable because of the way that the media and people in power frame it. For example by framing a certain issue by calling it a war, makes it seem like both sides have a chance at winning or defending themselves and causes some people to react differently when you see bodies of women and children. But when you ask more questions and start to understand that one side has a professional army while the other has a "makeshift military", you see it for what it is, an extermination. And another word that has become more and more acceptable is " collateral damage" which is the killing of civilians, which should never be an acceptable cost!

Another term that has always confused me is the phrase friendly fire  which brings up an image of something more innocent than accidentally shooting my colleague  it should be called an accidental shooting, but it isn't because they don't want to admit to people that they are so incompetence that they shoot their own people, this would cause them to truly question their methods.

More recently the term Enhanced Interrogation Technique has been used instead of calling it what it is- Torture. You see, they're smart, because they know they can get away with calling it this and they have been getting away with it for over 13 years! And also by calling it an interrogation technique they some how make it perfectly legal to strip someone naked and have him chained to the floor, forget the fact that it doesn't work and all it is really doing is making sure that a large group of people hate you. 

I recently read that the UK wants this report and their activities to remain secret (most likely), which just shows me how much of a sheep this government is, that they will do anything the US demands of them and the fact that they want to hide it from the public tells me something else, they want to be able to continue doing these atrocious crimes against humanity but still lat claim to being the moral beacon of the world, which just goes to show they are even worse than the US!

Let's us not forget the role the media plays in all this, they create a narrative and plant the phrases so the public just goes along with it not realizing that these thought are not their own, but of the morons in charge, but I have to to admit that if you just accept what is being told to you though the media, there is something wrong with that too, because let's not forget that the mainstre
am media is just a mouthpiece for the so- called ruling class.