Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Disgusting wealth

Apparently Apple has recorded record wealth, and what, everyone is celebrating that as a good thing???

The idiots in the mainstream media is foaming at the mouth when discussing this story, the idea of some giant corporation stumping on the people is a good thing... it's the entrepreneurial spirit.  Like this is something we should celebrate while we live in our cardboard boxes.

Does anyone question how they made their profits?! Let see, they hire slave labour and drive their workers into jumping of the roofs of the factories, they hugely overcharge their products and they're not even that good and not forgetting the fact that they pay NO TAXES. But because they invest hugely in marketing they just whip up all this frenzy that puts that little bit of your brain that implores you to think before you buy to sleep... you don't.

Companies like that should be shunned due to their gross conduct, not celebrated.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Douche bag convention

Davos, Switzerland is hosting the .1%, so all the banksters got together to talk about the growing inequality and climate change and this is after they all arrived in their private jets! I really don't think they understand that they are the douche bags that are causing this inequality and climate change. But what makes me sicker than their complete lack of understanding how the real world work, it is the mainstream media and their eagerness to kiss their ass!!!

No " news" organisation will dare ask a question that might criticize them or put them in a difficulty, does anyone even stop to question as how they continue getting obscenely rich while the rest of us are struggling to pay off our student loans??- They stole it from the people, and they have continued to plunder by calling it AUSTERITY. Austerity is basically a wealth relocation program, they take money from things like healthcare, education, welfare and public infrastructure and give it to the city of London ( corruption) and to big corporations. These are the people who think we are just lazy bums for getting £70 a week on jobseekers allowance while they continue to get billions in government subsidies and other forms of benefits!

But the mainstream media has had their hand in diverting the blame away from the real culprits and onto us, you see, they have made it so that we are too busy blaming each other while they steal our life savings and destroy our future and the future of out kids by propping up industries that are destroying the planet.

Why do people continue to ignore the real threat to national security?

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Welcome to the age of Fascism. uh I mean democracy.

Dermocracy Day.. Really?

Often people throw around the word democracy without knowing what it really means. In all the definition of this word I very often come across the word " participation", and they don't mean the kind of participation we have here which is by huge corporations, they mean the participation by ordinary people in the policies that are pushed through that effect our everyday lives and having politicians that actually represent their constituents and if not having the ability to change that government through fair and open elections.

I don't know about the rest of you but I don't feel that the people in power even know about the people, and there's not nearly enough participation by the people because the government actively try to silence our voices by putting extremely restrictive rules on our right to protest and essentially labeling any dissenters as extremist or traitors.

But before the people can get their voices heard, they need to have access to information, and it is extremely difficult when the people trying to get information out to the people are forced to run and live in exile or they are simply jailed for telling the people that their elected government is working against them and spying on minorities, just recently the UK has started to push for more power in their already vast spying network all under the pretense of keeping us safe and avoiding what happened in Paris from coming here.

Because real investigative journalist are being hunted down, all people are left with are the corporate mouthpieces of; CNN, BBC CNBC and Fox News to name but a few, and when you have then constantly saying " be afraid we might be next", people will tend to believe them especially when a large proportion of the public is uneducated and living in poverty because the Elites have made going into higher education an impossible task and having a comfortable life even harder!- it then becomes very easy to get swept up in all the hysteria created by the media and place the blame on the wrong people.

This and many other reasons ( far too many to list here) is why I know that this is nowhere near a democracy. How can it be when the people mean so little and Corporate interest and the survival of the banksters are placed more highly than the survival of the people? When so many people have so few and they are criminalized for being poor and the government is activley seeking ways to reduce the meager benefits they do get and give it to the .1% though austerity which we all know is simply robbery.  Most of the major corporations ( that make millions!)are given welfare such as tax breaks and subsidies but the average Joe is painted as a " moocher" if they need some cash to feed themselves- tell me, how is this fair??

A sustainable democracy should have an active participation by the people and have an essence of fairness and equality about it- how is this even close?

Monday, 19 January 2015

Right to offend?

Cameron has come out defending freedom to offend... but I'm guessing you're only free to offend certain people, because one could say that Jim Clancy who was a senior host/ anchor on CNN got let go from his position of over 30 years for supposedly causing offence to Jews, so we're when the powers that be claim that we're free to cause offence, some people are just more free to offend than others? Jim Clancy could just claim that it was his right to cause offence, isn't that what everyone is marching about? It's only in hind sight that we discover that maybe it wasn't such a good idea.

Just by having this "freedom" doesn't mean you have the right to abuse it. This right comes with certain responsibilities, people must exert some common sense- which in most societies is sorely lacking! A person shouldn't be allowed to bully and marginalize people that already feel like they are slowly being expelled by society.

This whole conversation about freedom of speech began with the horrific acts in Paris. The attacks on the satirical magazine were inexcusable, yet people gloss over the reason as to why this establishment was attacked. The magazine would poke fun at every religion but it was evident that they did target one religion more than the others, the whole point of satire is that it's meant to attack people in power, but above all else it's meant to be intelligent. Now how much intelligence do you think was required to pick up on people's irrational fears, which in this case would be Islam and make a joke out of it? The Muslim population is so often de- humanised in western media and it is the responsibility of professional journalist to show some common sense when depicting them.