Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Learn to recognise...

... The tools Governments and the media use to instill hate and mistrust that will leave a society of civilized people divided.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Twenty First Century SLAVERY

Guilty by association

He is best friends with the Governments of Egypt, Saudi Arabia And China. Maybe that's why everyone hates you and in association all pf us, who do you think is more vulnerable to violence.... us!! And does he care?? Well if he did he would change his strategy and not willingly put us in harms way.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Where are your priorities?

Do you really want US standards and healthcare to arrive here?? Well, that's exactly what's going to happen if you allow TTIP to arrive. Corporations will have the right and ability to dictate policy and sue Governments. And all a corporation cares about is profits and if having proper health and safety starts to eat away at profit... wave goodbye. Just think about it. Do you really want an exhausted over- worked doctor working on you?? This is one of the many professions that shouldn't worry about job security, why do you think the Pilot at Germanwings did what he did, he was no killer he was just a very sick man, and how did he get that way, it doesn't happen overnight it happens over years of not going to the doctor or not being able to take a day off because you might get fired. That kind of anxiety can make a situation 10x worse. Do we want this??

Arse-holes in crime..

These are the douche bags you should be blaming for you long hospital waits, increased living cost, extortionate tuition fees, lack of sustainable/ secure jobs and the increase in violence- not the refugees seeking safety!! And what's worse is that they are well on their way of silencing anyone who opposes their regime and they are attempting to sell our lives and future to the highest bidder, all so they can retire in their country homes!! These twats have no idea how hard the average person has to work just to live because they have never worked a DAY IN THEIR LIVES, They only pretend to work for the cameras a day or so before the elections.