Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Where's your humanity?!!!

Cameron should take his junk out of swine and realise... that by bombing Syria he is just going to create more refugees. The ass hole is already trying to stop taking in his fair share of people fleeing these conflicts and what's his solution.. to build a big fence and to waste money on sending the military! Where's your humanity??? And the really sad things is that the British people are also turning against refugees instead of greeting them with open arms like the Germans. The media having even gone as far as claiming that there might even be members if ISIS coming with them! I do hope people see through this obvious attempt to scare the public from doing the right thing.

Are the idiots convinced now??!!

More floods, forest fires, droughts and typhoons and some people at the very top still refuse to believe in climate change, Instead they just claim that these are isolated incidents instead of coming to terms with the fact that this is the new normal. How is it that almost every year we are having record breaking rains and droughts and now we have sinkholes appearing in Hertfordshire... And still the political elites refuse to act.. but hey if the banksters need more money, they act super-fast!! Until it hits the people at the top, we're all screwed!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

This should not be the case...

... But sadly it is. We can change it but first we must admit to ourselves what is happening.

5 more years

That's how long Jeremy Corbyn will have to deal with all the nonsense the Conservative controlled media  will throw at him. And that is also how long the public will listen to all these stories, but will the public be able to recognize that these "stories" are just scaremongering tactic used by a Government that is afraid to lose the power (to screw us over)? What is rather disturbing is that I believe that many of them wont be able to tell the difference between fact and fiction.

The fact is that people in this country have been brainwashed into believing that this is normal...Yes, living in poverty, having no job security and in constant debt, let me tell you, it is not normal and people should no accept it as such. The current Government is doing absolutely nothing to help the people but everything they can to push us deeper into poverty, just this week Osborne is planning to cur free school meal for primary school children!!! How is this allowed to be in a country that is always claiming to be morally superior to everyone else?!! Many children in this so called Great Britain are going to bed hungry and now they want to take away meals they get at school???

The also want to abolish the current Human Rights Act and replace it with something more tailored to suit people like them- the privileged few.

A society elects a Government that will best serve EVERYONE, that has always be my thoughts of it, but if the Government is only serving the Corporations, the banks and each other, may it not be the time for some form of positive change? Jeremy Cobyn is anti- austerity which will harm the banks and anti-war which harms the military- both of these are huge drains on the economy that no one else is pointing out. And Jeremy Corbyn is just doing what a responsible person in a position of power should do- he's pointing it out, and that is why they mainstream media is trying to portray him as a disrupt-er!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Media misrepresentation

The mainstream news media is so often guilty of this and it can lead to disastrous results. But this " fudging" of the facts stars from the top... The politicians. They put forward the agenda for the day and the press are tools to push it onto us, but this was not always the case, you had some journalist that did their own fact checking and asked their own question, they have sadly been pushed out, imprisoned or even killed!

It is so important for a society to have a press with some " scruples" because the public especially an uneducated public can be easily turned into an angry mob and attack the most vulnerable people.

This can be seen by the so- called "Migrant crisis". The word migrant is rather misleading as it implies that they are choosing to come here, it should be called a " Humanitarian crisis" because these people are fleeing from war zones in the hope that they may reach a place where they can have a more humane way of life. The media has framed the issue this way so that it instills fear and suspicion into your mindset instead of compassion.

For the moment many of the newspapers and mainstream news are showing the desperation and the hardships that these people are going through, but just listen to some of the wording used like " flood" and " swarm", they do what they can to try and dehumanise the issue. Just try to think back ( I know it's hard) the first thing the PM wanted to do was to build a fence and send more military to stop then coming to Britain and remind the public of how much it is costing you! But people don't realise is, that even when they do make it, it's not as if they're being put in 5* hotels, they are put into camps that look more and more like prisons.

And even know, despite the huge public outcry, he is just going to take 15k when a small country like Lebanon has taken 1 million. And the real reason why he is taking more refugees is because Germany has welcomed them with open arms. But the media is still beating the drum and saying how this is not sustainable..what..is showing kindness going to run out?

The media has a point about one thing, until we solve the real problem, this is just a tempory band- aid... And what do you think is the real problem?????