Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Keeping you busy...

... While they frak us over!
Don't let them get away with this.

Housing Bubble- The sequel

Some people who will remain anonymous, believe that we have actually recovered from the 2008 financial crash. When in actual fact we are just heading towards a bigger more catastrophic crash.

In order for any progress to be made we must acknowledge the mistakes of the past. And what has Mr Osborne and Mr Cameron done? They are continuing to rape the people while letting the financial terrorist continues doing what they did to get us into this crisis, only now they have tinkered with the wording so that the people don't understand what they are doing-- it is called wealth confiscation my friends!!

What are they doing.... they are attacking the most vulnerable in society by cutting benefits for the disabled. And they try to justify it by putting the blame squarely on us, according to them, we are committing fraud and stealing from the system.. Are they kidding me?!

So, while they continue to rob us they are trying to convince everyone to own a home, so that they can get into even more debt. And does anyone stop to think about why the houses are so expensive, I mean what is it that justifies the high prices of these homes?? They're small, have no view to speak of but for some reason just because it's in London it is in the billions.

It is all a way of   clearing out the poor and relocating them to ghettos, tell me one thing, what separates us from a third world country, I mean there's nothing, especially when the Government treats its citizenry like this. But what is more troubling is the fact that many people believe this is how it is meant to be, well I tell you know, if the public keep lowering their standards nothing is going to change- nothing will change that will benefit the public.

Welcome to Feudal Britain where if you don't have the money-you're screwed!

Friday, 19 June 2015

The Simple Society

The media landscape has become somewhat oversimplified, you just have to look at the so called news, complex issue have been reduced to a soundbite and it's troubling, because the world is not simple. Issues in the news today are complex and should be given more in- depth coverage and analysis, not a 5 minute conversation at the end of a discussion about the latest celebrity.

Topics such as climate change and people going to Syria should at least involve some in-depth research, but nowadays it's all about the presentation and less about substance or quality. The main reason behind this is the fact that nearly all these "news" corporation get the same pre- packaged nonsense and if they have the same research they have the same talking points, this is largely because we don't have a free media in the UK, they're all Government owned and they all end up sounding like a mouthpiece for the Establishment.

You see in this country free speech is not actually protected and if you dare to say anything that isn't sanctioned, you'll either get shut down or you'll have some obscure time-slot that no one can find. But proper journalism is all about informing the people and this is not the case when important issues such as our own Government spying on us are not allowed to see the light of day. The latter issue did finally make its way to the public but the people who brought it to our attention were treated as criminals and after a while the media began to manipulate the public into believing that being spied on was in their interest.

More recently the topic on everyone's lip is about the girls from Bradford travelling to Syria, the news media all dance around the real issue but not many people actually discuss it- what has driven these girls to join this cause? There is no one answer to this question, but again the mainstream news try to pin it on one thing. What would drive a sane person to go to a warzone? The British public and the institutions have to come to terms with the fact that they bare some responsibility, but no one will admit this and that is why Jon Snow on the Channel 4 news was perhaps shocked when he interviewed a women who said just that. " it's our fault".We as a society have basically demonized their religious beliefs and made them feel like they don't belong, so now they've gone somewhere they believe the belong. But we must also admit to ourselves that children can be rather stupid and easily influenced by propaganda.

This oversimplification of everything is not just in the news media, it is also evident in the entertainment industry. The plots are so simple that anyone with an I.Q of 50 can comprehend, and the characters are either bad or good and anything in between is glossed over. I'm not saying that everything is like this but the " popular" movies are always the ones with a simple plot and lots of explosions to keep you distracted. This is a troubling trend, because people tend to watch these forms of entertainment rather frequently, they are slowly being trained to think in a simple way and this can only lead to a downward trajectory in the intellect of a society. And when people have been taught to think about complex issues such as terrorism and racism in simple terms it can easily lead to hatred and violence to the vulnerable parts of society.

I'm just glad that we have TV shows like Hannibal and Elementary and we had shows like Battlestar Galactica, Boston Legal and Lost. All these showed showed complex characters doing what they believed was the right thing but may have been questionable to anyone else, and we also have the return of The X- Files, but the fact that it has only 6 episodes leads me to think that the have fallen into the trap of oversimplifying everything.

My overall plea to society is to question more things, and don't simply accept things because the people in power tell you to.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Humorless Buggers!

I had always known we don't have free speech here, but nothing makes it clearer than The Daily Show being switched off in the UK.

Jon Stewart is a comedian with a rather unique take on the political landscape, he would basically poke and prod those in power and because David is such a humorless prat, we are being denied his wonderful insights.

If I'm not mistaken but censorship is one of the stages of a closing society, and the fact that Jon Stewart asked some difficult questions and poked fun at those in power has meant that he should be shut down, but people forget he is a comedian and the fact that people would turn to him for news rather that the mainstream media...well, that says a lot about the state of the news.

Comedy Central have made a BS statement about how they have decided to change direction but we all know that this request has come from the top, because God forbid the people realize that this country is worse than the likes of North Korea!!

Bring Jon Stewart back and put and end to this regime of censoring what the establishment doesn't like!