Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Don't forget the real enemy.

Fracking hell!

The very fact that the Government is considering making the process of " fracking" mainstream is deeply disturbing and the fact that there is almost no discussion of the practice is just sad. The U.S has had fracking for about 10 years and many sane people have realized that the cost and energy used during the process is not worth the little Shale Gas that you might get. People who live by the fracking wells have succumb to the down side to the type of gas exploration with increasing ailment such as headaches, respiratory problems, loss of senses such as smell and an enormous hike in the amount of cancer cases.

The most dangerous side effect to all this, is the contamination of our drinking water, in case you didn't know this, without CLEAN drinking water we're DEAD. And it should come as no shock to anyone that the people who are pushing fracking are the same people who think it's safe, what a shock! The people who stand to gain the most from this time of drilling are the ones that are squashing all the negative studies and highlighting the supposed benefits.

Has no one learnt from what has happened across the pond, people are ill and the Earth can't take much more of your destructive behavior. The sheer arrogance of this Government is infuriating, they believe that they can make it 100% safe! I've got news for you, nothing is 100% safe and in the age of CLIMATE CHANGE you can't afford to be 0.00001% wrong. Not only will it pollute the waters which will lead to wildlife dying off and eventually us, but if just a little bit of Methane escapes into the already polluted ozone layer- let just say, it will be bad for everyone. Lets not forget that you're drilling deep into the Earth so expect more Earthquakes!

All these bloody toffs that were against wind turbines because they will destroy the view; what do you think will happen to the view when you have a flaming drill? And these big corporations don't even have to clean up after themselves, there was a case in the State where a drilling company declared themselves bankrupt and just left! Imagine that, they have ruined all your farmland making sure nothing will ever grow there again and have just left, leaving all this hazardous material behind.

The Queen (in all her infinite) wisdom is going to announce that theses companies don't even have to ask your permission if they want to drill on your land. A lot of people don't think about this, but you don't own your land, the Queen owns the mineral right to all of the land in the country and that means she can do what she wants! And for all this they are offering compensation of £100!!!


Friday, 4 April 2014

It's not all about X factor!!!

It worries me when I think about how people like Nigel Farage can get into politics he doesn't have all the facts or any concept of the political sphere, yet everyone knows who he is. He doesn't have any real political power as such, other than the votes of the scum class and uneducated- but one thing we should tell Nigel: poor people don't vote! And all of his ideas are just designed to make the rich richer and the poor poorer!

Having come to terms with the fact that he doesn't have any REAL political power, the population can be stupid enough to give him that power, just look at Boris Johnson! Boris openly insults the people by claiming that if you're poor it's because you're stupid and he is so disconnected with the people that he doesn't even know how much a pint of milk is- yet he is Mayor of London!!!! And why?? It's because people find him funny, I don't want an idiot in charge, I want a person who can actually do the frakking job without screwing us all over.