Tuesday, 13 March 2018

The Cave-man rears its ugly head.

Society has begun to eat itself. The things that make us human are being driven out, things like compassion and empathy have all but left us and have been replaced b celebrity gossip  and narcissism and looking out for number one. It starts with the top, politicians are more heartless, I mean the PM wants to get rid of free school lunches! The Government is also prone to knee jerk reactions and scape- goating without any real facts. It also doesn't help when the UK's media is extremely right-wing. This has meant that rather being a check on power, the media has become somewhat of an " echo- chamber" just repeating and agreeing with the "powers that be".

This has led to a huge swathe of people who are ill informed, and when you get leaders that like to fan the flame of hate, suspicion and mistrust you will often get violence and even fatalities. How did it get this way?? Well Fascism doesn't just occur overnight, it happens in stages... and we are all guilty of ignoring it.  The following are the early warning signs which are taken from the Holocaust museum:
1. Powerful and continuing nationalism

2. Disdain for Human Rights

3. Identifiction of enemies as a unifying cause

4. Supremacy of the military

5, Rampant sexism

6. Obsession with national security

7. Religion and Government intertwined

8. Corporate power protected

9. Labour power surpressed

10. Disdain for intellectuals and the arts

11. Obsession with crime and punisment

12. Controlled mass media

13, Rampant cronyism and corruption

14. Fraudulent elections

Now one simply has to have there eyes open to realize that nearly all the boxes are ticked. Mrs May has already shown her hatred of Human Right as she's planning to criminalize protesting and as soon as we leave the EU she plan to remove us from EU human Rights. The Tory party may not call themselves Fascists but if you just pay attention to what they do and say.... it's pretty damm close they do value profits over the people.Also the treatment of workers now is as close to slavery without calling it slavery. The worker is exploited to breaking point and has very little to show for it. Nurses have to work long hours while using food banks to survive and apparently this is acceptable by the PM!!

 Like I said before the media in this country is glaringly right- wing and so agrees with the Government  but if a news organisation dares to think about things another way they get bad mouthed and then shut down. This has already happened to the Iranian Press TV and know they are attempting to do the same with Russian Today, One of the steps of  a closing society is to make dissenting voices feel like criminal, which they have begun to do especially after the referendum to leave the EU by calling the opposition " remoaners" and how they should stop complaining and accept it.

If I were to list how this country is corrupt, I would never finish but let me just remind you that the PM's husband hasn't paid any corporation tax for the last eight years and Osborne and Cameron are to make a huge windfall when we leave the EU!

This country should rename itself as Mediocre Britain because a great country doesn't treat its citizenry like this.... But I forget, we aren't citizens we are mere subjects!

With countries like the US Italy being seduced by the rhetoric of blame everything on the other and Italy for Italians, it does make me fearful of the future but also curious at how future historian will judge us all for letting it happen again.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Solidarity- It's not a bad thing

In simple terms, solidarity is about caring about each other and having sympathy for another persons plight. Caring about people and having empathy/ sympathy are all part of being human, but slowly this very human part of you is being driven out, we are actively being encouraged to screw each other over so that we can get ahead in life at the expense of everyone else.

The mentality of thinking about yourself and no one else didn't just happen overnight. It has been cultivated over decades , from early school to the business world, you are taught to look out for number one and helping others is a weakness or a negative attribute to have. This way of thinking is in our tv shows, films, our working life to politics.

Any time there is a strike or protest the media will do its utmost to frame the story in a negative was, such as: how much it is costing the taxpayer and the negative effects it will have on the economy. They will spend a small fraction of the time on WHY they are protesting or on strike, could it be that they are in dangerous working conditions, being constantly exploited or being paid peanuts for working 12 hour shifts?!! None of this will be the focus of conversation.

The PM is trying to shut down protest by making it illegal and if she gets her way we will have become equal to regimes like Saudi Arabia, China and North Korea(!) Is this perhaps the real reason she wants to leave the EU, her cronies have all but admitted that they want to get rid of Human Rights!

To prove to you even further how heartless this society has become not only do they place Homeless Spikes in London but a homeless man was found dead near Westminster! Tell me... where was the outrage??!!  To prove my point even further Windsor Council have decided to fine homeless people £100! Where are they meant to get that sort of money and also how cold- hearted do you have to be to demand that kind of money from people that are obviously struggling? But the right- wing media will be doing over-time portraying these people as thieve, drug addicts or pedophiles- which I'm sure is the current government.

Why is this country called Great Britain, it should be called Mediocre Britain by of the way it dares to treat the most vulnerable in society. The population has the ability to change things they just have to open there eyes and speak up to all the injustice around them.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Destroying Democracy?

Democracy is a wonderful concept, having a say in the policies that run all of our lives.... but do we really have any say or are we just  being " lulled to submission" without being aware of it?

True democracy depend on the participation of a well informed and well educated population. Not to sound like a snob, but that just simply is not the case.

One way a population can stay informed about issue is from the press. But when the press start to feel "compromised" trust in that information comes into question.

Having a free and functioning press is a major tool for the masses to stay informed, yet when the press is under attack like it is now, that becomes harder.  When the people start to lose trust in media they are less likely to stay informed, I mean, why would you read something that you have no faith in its validity. The problem with this is that people are more likely to be ill informed about important issues or people are more likely to just believe things that agree with their core beliefs.

The other reason to have a free press is so that they can help keep the Government in check. By reporting and constantly asking questions about the laws and policies they in act. But it becomes very hard to keep someone in check if that someone is also paying your bills. It stars to get rather fuzzy when these institutions are !in the pocket" of the people that they are reporting on.
 In this time of uncertainty it is up to the people to do some fact checking before they consume any type of media news, but also to branch out and consume other forms of media.This is why education plays such a vital role in society. The more educated and rational people are, the less likely they will turn to fits of hysteria.

Long gone are the times when access to higher education was free and available to all, and people were actually encouraged to aim for a degree or higher, now people are scared off by the amount of debt you have at the end of it. By no means does having a degree makes you smarter but people should always have the chance to choose whether or not to go into higher education, and by " pricing out" swathes of the population they are actively denying you the chance to choose.

The other way our democracy is being eroded is by the "powers that be" attacking and often criminalizing acts of solidarity. --- More on that in my next blog, remember people: democracy is fragile and will only continue to exist if we remain active participants!